Radicalisation revealed – English


Uitgeverij: Stichting As-Soennah
Auteur: Jamal Ahajjaj (Aboe Ismail)
Taal: Engels
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Radicalization portrayed by Imam Abu Ismail!

Islamic radicalism is currently a regular topic of conversation. Safety authorities, ministries and research agencies are working overtime to find out how this phenomenon arises and what they can do about it. However, no clear answer has yet been found. This may have to do with the elusiveness and complexity of the phenomenon.

According to some researchers, this problem can only be solved if it were dealt with from within. For this, the government would have to work together with mosques and imams. These should be regarded as complete and reliable consultation partners and allies. The question, however, is whether imams and mosques have a good and clear picture of what radicalization exactly entails, how it arises and how it should be challenged.

In this book imam Abu Ismail looks for answers to these and other crucial questions. He highlights Islamic radicalism and tries to approach it from both a Western and an Islamic perspective. In an attempt to make this phenomenon clearer and more comprehensible for himself and for others, he places the different visions side by side, sketches this problem and zooms in on the causes of it.

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